CCTV Camera Sheffield Beach: When you want the best quality surveillance

Do you live in Sheffield Beach, the capital of KwaZulu Natal? If yes, and if you are concerned about the safety and security of your property and loved ones, you have come to the right place. We are CCTV Camera Sheffield Beach, the most respected name in the city for surveillance related equipment and services.

Cctv Camera Sheffield Beach

We can solve all your worries regarding security of your property. We not only have surveillance cameras for sale but also undertake CCTV installations for our clients all over the city. No matter what the location and size of your building, rest assured of quick and efficient installation of high quality surveillance equipment on your premises.

At CCTV Camera Sheffield Beach, we are passionate about enhancing the security of our clients. We make no compromises with quality of equipment which is reflected in our work.

World class Hikvision camera and more

When the endeavor involves safety and security of your loved ones, can you take chances with inferior quality products? CCTV Camera Sheffield Beach realizes the big responsibility of safeguarding the security of the structure.  It is this reason that the company makes use of only the highest quality cameras and related equipment during CCTV installations.

Cctv Camera Sheffield Beach

Hikvision camera is the first choice of our customers. We sell Hikvision DVR also to record the video captured by the camera.

CCTV Direct is another popular brand available in our shop. You can also order CCTV Direct camera model that is not available in our shop. All our customers know that they can   buy cameras and other equipment from us as we sell only best quality surveillance products. 

Choice of latest IP camera

Most customers in the city have heard about closed circuit television cameras and they   agree for these cameras to be installed on their premises. There is a small segment of our customers that has knowledge about IP camera and its superiority over conventional analogue cameras.

At CCTV Camera Sheffield Beach, we recommend customers using an IP camera if it fits into their requirements. These advanced cameras do not required recording equipment and continue to work smoothly under internet protocol. IP cameras have the ability to cover larger areas and they also produce higher resolution images and videos than conventional CCTV cameras. 

Fast and easy CCTV installations

CCTV Camera Sheffield Beach is the go-to company in the field of electronic security and surveillance in the city. We have a team of skilled and highly experienced technicians that carry out CCTV installations quickly and efficiently. 

We send our technicians to attend workshops organized by big companies so that they can learn about the features and functionalities of cameras and other equipment. It is this reason why our technicians are able to finish CCTV installations quickly with a minimum of cameras and recording equipment on the premises of our customers.

CCTV Camera Sheffield Beach provides many other services besides CCTV camera sale and installation. These include

  • TV mounting
  • Wi-Fi installations
  • Garage door repair
  • Intercom
  • Electric fencing
  • Garage door motor

Call us today to get world class service in any of the above mentioned fields.